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Kinoo Kahar’s rag-tag team of performers return from their graves to perform a play about Ghantakarna, the village idiot, who, at his wife’s suggestion, becomes a professional confessor.  He appears before court and, in exchange for money, confesses to crimes that others have committed.  The drama unfolds in Putna, a fictitious village in Bengal, being ruled by an incompetent and power hungry King, his morally-bankrupt Wazir, and a scheming representative of the British East India Company (Laat-Saheb). In a land where greed and power-mongering rules supreme and marriages are built on exploitation, the only person sympathetic to the protagonist is the village notch-girl.  As the play progresses it is apparent that Ghantakarna is headed for doom.  Would he be made to sacrifice his life to cleanse Putna of all wrong-doing? Or, is there hope? More importantly, what does a goat have to do with all this? Come and find out, how it all ends (or not) in Manoj Mitra’s pointed trans-period satire, Kinoo Kahar’s Theater.

Script - Manoj Mitra

Direction - Arindam Ghosh

Music - Mainak Bumpy Nagchaudhury

Show Dates:

March 17 2018, Sat, JCC Rockville

March 25 2018, Sun, NOVA, Annandale

July 3, 2018, NABC, Atlantic City, NJ

May 11, 2019, Uttoron, Seattle, WA

June 14, 2020, Quarantine Theater Festival, Mandi Theatre

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Arindam Ghosh

Sabal Dey

Jashoman Banerjee

Shantanu Bagchi

Subarna Chatterjee Thakur

Sonal Mazumder

Shampa Basu

Arindam Lahiri

Mahasweta Bhattacharya

Aditya Chakraborty

Sudipan Karmakar

Arup Chakravarty



Presenting the first look at Kinoo Kaharer Theater 
Direction - Arindam Ghosh
Music Direction - Mainak Bumpy Nag Chowdhury
Singers - Arindam Lahiri, Kamal Ahmed Tushar, Kumkum Bagchi, Srabani Das, Souparna Chakravarty, Shantanu Bagchi
Original Tune - Apaar Bangla 

Esho Esho Khelbe Khela


Presenting another song from our upcoming production Kinoo Kaharer Thetar. It is particularly relevant for the current political environment where the independence of law-enforcement and freedom of expression are under constant threat. The song speaks of a land where law and order are puppets in the hand of the powerful. Enjoy the song and we hope you will come watch our show on Aug 27 and Sep 17.

Song - Maja Re Maja 
Music - Mainak Bumpy Nag Chowdhury
Original Tune - Apaar Bangla 
Direction - Arindam Ghosh
Singers - Arindam LahiriKamal Ahmed TusharShantanu Bagchi

Another song from Kinoo Kaharer Thetar

Lyrics- Manoj Mitra

Music - Mainak Bumpy Nag Chaudhury

Original Tune - Apaar Bangla

Vocal - Sanchari Ghosh, Srabani Das, Souparna Chakravarty, Kumkum Bagchi 

Direction - Arindam Ghosh

Ashar Masher Ashari

Another song from Kinoo Kaharer Thetar

Lyrics and Music - Traditional 

Vocal - Barna Dey

Direction - Arindam Ghosh

In Search of Kinoo

A Series Exploring the Various Characters of Kinoo Kahar

Part 1

Part 5

Part 2

Part 6

Part 3

Part 4

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