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About the Plays

The mists descending on the Darjeeling hills shrouds them in a veil of mystery and forgotten pasts. Atop one such remote hill is a secluded guest house where Diptesh, a retired chartered accountant, has sought refuge from the civilized world.  However, his plans are interrupted by Mohon Manohar Shobhan Sundar Murali Badan Shastri – the resident ghost of the house with a wicked sense of humor. A friendship is forged between the man and the ghost over stolen food, shared jokes and love for fried chicken and single malt. But soon such light hearted banter takes a more serious and personal tone when the two are forced to look at their own pasts – forcing them to dig deep into their soul and bare their innermost experiences.  Would they survive such brutal honesty?     

The play begins with Kallu getting killed by his gang and reliving the events of his life. His narrative is tinged with sarcasm and bitterness at times, and tongue in cheek during other times. But listen carefully and one will hear the undercurrent of pain and suffering. Born into a decadent landholding family in Bangladesh. but orphaned by the time he turns sixteen, he is tossed into a vortex of events that make him a dreaded criminal. This play explores his life as a microcosm of the socioeconomic political situation of Bengal after partition and the creation of the “anti-social.”

Ebong TheatriX Presents FestivET 2023 - A Two Day Theater Festival Featuring Eight Plays

The festival will feature two presentations from Ushneek Kolkata:

  • Bhoot 

    • Cast: Debshankar Haldar, Shubhashish Mukherjee

    • Written and Directed by Ishita Mukhopadhyay

  • Kallumama 

    • A Solo Performace by Debshankar Haldar 

    • Written and Directed by Ishita Mukhopadhyay

  • Date: September 30 and October 1, 2023 2PM.  Each day will feature four plays. 

  • Venue: Silver Spring Black Box Theatre, 8641 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910

  • Plays by theater teams from Houston, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Columbus, Delaware, and Maryland

    • Mandi Theater, Chicago Presents  The Antidote

    •  Houston Natua Natyagoshti  Presents Hoimonti

    • Spotlight Columbus Presents  Bottoms Up

    • MILITS Presents  Durghatona

    • Kushilob  Presents অর্ধেক মহাদেশের খোঁজে  (Ardhek Mahadesher Khoje)

    •  Ramdhonu Natyogosti  Presents দাম্পত্য ভালোবাসা  (Dampotyo Bhalobasa) 


  • Tickets 


  • Saturday September 30 Only - $40 

  • Sunday October 1 Only - $40 

  • Both Days - $60 

  • Sponsorships

    • Platinum (Broadway)  

      • Contribution Amount: $1000

      • Benefits: 5 $60 tickets and front row seat

    • Gold (Starlight)  

      • Contribution Amount: $500

      • Benefits: 3 $60 tickets and front row seat

    • Silver (Spotlight) 

      • Contribution Amount: $250

      • Benefits: 2 $60 tickets and front row seat

    • Bronze (Curtain Call) 

      • Contribution Amount: $100

      • Benefits: 1 $60 ticket and front row seat

About the Venue

The venue is Silver Springs Black Box (8641 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910).  The AFI Silver Screen is right next to it - do not go there.  There is no on site parking but there are three parking garages within 2 blocks. It is our understanding that parking is free on Sunday but there is a fee for Saturday. 

  • The three municipal parking garages include 

    • The Wayne Avenue Parking Garage (921 Wayne Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910)

    • The Town Square Parking Garage ( 801 Ellsworth Dr Silver Spring, MD 20910 - Ellsworth Drive & Roeder Road entrances) 

    • Cameron Street Parking Garage (8530 Cameron St, Silver Spring, MD 20910) 

  • Alternatively, if you are taking Metro then it is 2 blocks from the Red Line’s Silver Spring Metro

Location and Parking

Details About the Plays

The Antidote.jpg
Details About The Plays
Durghatona .jpg

When the past pelts stones to the future, it creates a rift, and a blow awaits to doom in.This play promises to be a moving portrayal of a crumbling familial structure.  It is a profound story about duties, about lives, about children and parents, about an exhausted old man in front of his adult children. All precise, honest and well crafted.

It is a solemn night at the Behala residence of Niladri and Kamalika, a successful physician couple. On this night three years ago, Niladri’s wife Tithi died in a horrible accident. A stranger appears at the couple’s doorstep and brings with her a shadow from a murky past. What really happened on that fateful night three years back? An inspector calls and suddenly nothing seems to be as they appear. The twisty tale of ‘Durghatona’ is loosely based on the famous British movie Chase a Crooked Shadow that was adapted later in multiple Indian language films. MILITS production of Durghatona is penned by Ananda Sen and directed by Mala Chakraborty.

Bottoms Up.jpg

Five old friends reunite after 25 years. Everyone has a story to tell. But what’s so damning about these stories? What do these stories reveal? How do they affect the friendships? To find out more, sit tight and watch Bottoms Up, a Spotlight Columbus Production.


Samaresh and Subho are in love with Hoimonti! They both have a socially defined place in Hoimonti's space, bitter-sweet irrelevant! Hoimonti is ill-defined and  can't be labelled or pigeonholed. However, simultaneously you can sense her conflicts, contrasts and helplessness. She is being discussed! Finally, the two gentlemen, separated by a timeline, meet and say 'good-bye.' Hoimonti came to our printed-memory through Nilanjan Chattopadhyay's short story 'Kagajkuchi', published in Sharodiya Aajkaal 2014.


What guides the underlying stream of modern life? Alienated from the closest of relations, hounded by age-old epithets of human morality and guerrilla desires alike. What is it that sustains the will to seek new horizons? The urge to push the dimensions of personal oaths and social contracts? At what cost? This short play saunters through a vignette of whirlwind relations – inseparable from each other, yet fragile. Narratives that keep throwing these questions at us, till we stumble towards the surprising but inevitable end. 


"Dampotyo Bhalobasa" is a timeless reflection of marital relationships - just as day follows night and night follows day in accordance with the laws of nature, a happy marital relationship also evolves with affection, detachment, jealousy, and love, following its own rules - all kinds of emotions come together to create a natural marital relationship. This delicate interplay of human emotions is depicted in Rainbow Theatre production "Dampotyo Bhalobasa" - if you can find yourselves within it, then the play will have served its purpose meaningfully.

Meet Team Ushneek

Suman Mukhopadhyay

Ebong Remembers Shobha Sen, Tapas Sen, and Habib Tanveer

Ebong Remembers
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