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Past Shows

  • Natyamela 2019 by Sanskriti, Nov 2019 (Palo Alto, USA)

  • Desh Bidesher Natyamela  by Ritwik, Dec 2019 (Rabindra Sadan,  Baharampore, India)

  • National Drama Festival by Nandikar, Academy of Fine Arts, Dec 2019 (Kolkata, India)

  • Prachya Natya Mela, Minerva Theater, Dec 2019 (Kolkata, India)


When idealism, duty and love collide, it creates an uncontrolled vortex of events that engulfs all. Bishonno Barud is a commentary about a time when Bengal was torn between the utopian visions of an egalitarian society, aversion towards violence as a means to achieve that goal,and the brutality of suppression led by the police. Set in this larger backdrop of a clash of ideologies of the far-left radical movement and the state led suppression through violence, this play shows how these forces perturb the fabric of our ordinary lives.

Who is an insurgent, it asks the audience? The idealist resorting to violence to achieve a greater good, or the police officer, plagued by his conscience, but bound by duty to wield violence? Take this journey with this story’s protagonists as they struggle to come to terms with the answers. Maybe within their chronicle, we too will find a way to recognize the demons of that plague us today.    

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