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Five Grains of Rice


Jayant and Ela are young professionals settled in an Indian metropolis. Jayant is a reputed scientist and Ela works at an NGO. Although professionally poles apart, they share an equal partnership in life and are happily married. Out of the blue Damini, Jayant's girlfriend from college days, shows up one evening for a friendly chat. As the evening progresses and the three engage in reminiscence with good food and wine, the equilibrium starts to tilt. The story takes a turn for the bizarre. An offer is made that questions the status quo of each relationship. A decision hangs over the heads of the happy couple, a choice that could alter their lives forever. Will their marriage and its future survive this bizarre intrusion from the past?


  • 6th Annual Theatre Festival by Mandi Theater May 22nd 2022

  • 8th South Asian Theater Festival (SATF) 2022 organized by Spotlight Columbus OH, September 11, 2022

  • Bengali Cultural Society,  Cleveland, OH , November 5, 2022

  • Colure 2022  by Chicago Natyogoshthi, November 13, 2022

  • DiversET 2023, Bethesda MD, March 17, 18, and 19, 2023

  • HBDS Dipika Memorial Theater Festival, Houston, May 28, 2023 

  • Aabaha Art and Theater Festival 2023, Atlanta, August 5 2023

  • Silver Spring Stage The 2023 One-Act Festival, September 2023


  • DC Theater Arts

    • "Five Grains of Rice, the last play, is the longest and had the audience sitting on the edges of their seats as the events unfolded. A young couple seems happily married, they banter back and forth; they have very different personalities, but they’re at ease in their relationship. He’s a well-known and -regarded scientist and they live comfortably in a posh high rise with a spectacular view of the city below, possibly New Delhi shown via creative projections on a back screen. The husband’s former girlfriend from their college days finds her way into the mix and connects jauntily with the wife. The girlfriend seems to have incriminating knowledge about the husband’s early professional life that he has never shared with his wife, and maybe even hidden from himself. Once a wager is made, there is no turning back for any of them. This is a fascinating study of human nature and self-deception, expertly expressed by the actors and directed by Ghosh, who also wrote and performed in this tour de force offering. Also features Shampa Basu and Aditi Bhattacharya"​

  • MD Theater Guide

    • "At first I thought 'Five Grains of Rice,' written and directed by Arindam Ghosh, was just another drawing room drama or soap-opera. As the characters reveal themselves, we find things are quite different than we imagined. Jayant Trivedi (Arindam Ghosh) and his wife Ela Trivedi (Shampa Basu) are living in a metropolis in India. Jayant is a research doctor and Ela, his long-time supporter, is putting her life on hold while Jayant tries to get funding for his work. Into their lives returns Damini Malhotra (Aditi Bhattacharya), Jayant’s old flame, who is now wealthy because of an inheritance. She was also a medical researcher but gave it all up to become a food taster. Jayant is incensed that she gave up her chance to find a cure for cancer to do something so frivolous. Basu is superb as Ela, revealing the character’s past and her present emotions. Ghosh does a fine job conveying the Indian husband who, despite his love for his wife, is short-sighted about her needs and emotions. Bhattacharya also develops her character to reveal someone more complicated than just a spiteful ex-girlfriend. There are many twists and turns in the plot so pay close attention."​

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