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The play is a situational comedy about an expatriate Indian family settled in the US.  A father from India visits his daughter in the Washington DC area.  It’s been six weeks since he has been here, and there are four more weeks to go.  The father is getting restless while the daughter keeps saying, “I’m so happy you’re here, Baba”.  The son-in-law cares for him and treats him well. Things look up in the mornings and evenings when there are people in the house.  But the emptiness in the middle of the day gets the better of him.  The father wants to leave as he is ardently missing his association with his own city—his own flat, the people, the hullabaloo, and the circumstances he is more comfortable with.  What he misses the most is his ability to do things or to go somewhere independently.  Is he a well-treated first class prisoner in his daughter’s house?  Is he stuck?


Dibyendu Paul


Dibyendu Paul (central idea is based on Bengali story “Shet Pathorer Table” by Sanjib Chattopadhyay).  Co-written with Shampa Basu


Arindam Ghosh

Shampa Basu

DIbyendu Paul 

Past Shows

  • Natya Bharati Theater Festival, Washington, DC. April 2015.

  • Theater Festival Hosted by Bengali Association of North Carolina, November 2015.

  • Northern Virginia Bengali Association, February 2016.

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