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Friday March 17

7:30 PM


Saturday March 18

4 PM


Sunday March 19



Pink Sugar

Bhalobasha Bhengechure 

ভালোবাসা, ভেঙ্গেচুরে  - একটি কাব্যনাট্য

Scripted by Dibyendu Paul, Subarna Chatterjee

Acted by Subarna Chatterjee

Directed by Dibyendu Paul

Based on Verses by Tasleema Nasreen, Srija Ghosh, Srijato, and Kabir Suman

Language - Bengali



It is Nipa's marriage anniversary.  Her husband is scheduled to return from a work tour any moment now - arrangements have been made for a grand celebrations with friends.  But Nipa is pensive, distracted and cannot focus on the chores at hand.  A chance encounter the day before has pulled her back into another era - a time past when she was madly in love with someone else and perhaps still is.  The play takes the audience through Nipa's struggles and heartbreaks as she seeks her true love

Previous Shows

  • CAB Sharodiya Natyamela,  November 2020

  • Boston Krossroads Show, March 2022

  • 21st Dipika Dasgupta Memorial Natyotsav presented by the Houston Durgabari Society, May 2022


Written by Debra A. Cole 

Directed by Arindam Ghosh

Language - English 



The Panda family runs a bed and breakfast, and they only allow panda bears to stay at their establishment. When a family of grizzly bears checks in, Mama and Papa Panda make all sorts of assumptions about them.  The play takes us through a series of events through which the Pandas realize that it is not appropriate to judge anyone by the color of their skin…or, fur.   

Previous Shows

  • Color of Youth Festival - a children theater festival organized by the Michigan Literary and Theatrical Society, March 2021

  • 8th South Asian DIGITAL Theater Festival by SPOTLIGHT Columbus, December 2022

Five Grains of Rice 

Script, Design, and Direction - Arindam Ghosh 
Sound Projection – Nandini Sen
Cast - Shampa Basu, Aditi Bhattacharya, Rakhi Bhatia, Arindam Ghosh
Story Idea and Additional Writings - Shampa Basu
Acknowledgement - Nicholas Horner

Language - English



Jayant and Ela are young professionals settled in an Indian metropolis.  Jayant is a reputed scientist and Ela works at an NGO.  Although professionally poles apart, they share an equal partnership in life and are happily married.  Out of the blue, Damini, Jayant’s girlfriend from college, shows up on an evening for a friendly catch up.  As the evening progresses and the three engage in reminiscence with good food and wine, Damini makes a weird offer.  An offer that is too bizarre to be true, but if true, could alter their lives forever. Will their marriage survive this weird and bizarre intrusion?

Previous Shows

  • 6th Annual Theatre Festival by Mandi Theater May 22nd 2022

  • 8th South Asian Theater Festival (SATF) 2022 organized by Spotlight Columbus OH, September 11, 2022

  • Bengali Cultural Society,  Cleveland, OH , November 5, 2022

  • Colure 2022  by Chicago Natyogoshthi, November 13, 2022

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